Fear Can Totally Destroy our Ambition

Fear, even the most basic ones, can totally destroy our ambitions, fear if left unchecked can destroy our lives. Fear is one of the many enemies lurking inside us. Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, … Continue Reading…….

The Best Come from the Worst

Every time I feel tired while I am exercising and training, I close my eyes to see that picture, to see that list with my name. This usually motivates me to work again. The best come from the worst. I never looked at … Continue Reading…….

Know Your Gifts and Share Them

You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life, honor your commitments with integrity, know your gifts and share them. When your why is big enough you will find your how. As you reach your goals set new ones. … Continue Reading…….

Don’t Let Someone Else Opinion Become Your Reality

Never let anyone tell you that it is not possible for you to succeed, you have the potential within you to live a life of greatness. Believe in yourself that you can achieve anything. Don’t let someone else’s opinion become your reality.

Beliefs Have the Power to Create & the Power to Destroy

Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that dis-empowers them or one that can literally save their lives.