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Austine Media is all about inspiration, entertainment, movies and comedy. Our aim is to inspire you, inform you, educate and to entertain you. We feed you with inspirational articles, motivational videos, celebrity biography, comedy skits, movies and entertainment in general. To break it down, this is what we do in Austin Media…..

In Austine Media we provide you with inspirational articles and motivational videos.

In Austine Media we solve critical problems that people are facing in life such as health related problems, academic problems, financial problems, relationship problems, psychological problems, mental problems and personal problems. We solve any problem encounter by man in his environment.

In Austine Media we entertain you with Mark Angel trending comedy videos and comedy skits around the globe.

In Austine Media we entertain and inspire you with educative Nollywood movies, short dramas and films.

In Austine Media we provide you with success story, history, achievements, expensive lifestyle, personal records, biography & net worth of celebrities all over the world who have achieved great landmark in the entertainment industry. Please subscribe for more articles and videos to be sent directly to your email box.

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Austine Ikeru

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Austine Ikeru is a Motivational Speaker, an Entrepreneur, a professional Blogger, a YouTuber, a Nigerian Nollywood Movie Producer, a Script Writer and a Nollywood Movie Actor. He is a graduate of Mass Communication from Enugu State University of Science and Technology. He is from Orsumoghu in Anambra State, Nigeria. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+
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